In 1978-79, Jett attended the prestigious California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts) founded by Walt Disney. It was here that scores of fellow students, collectors, and instructors (including the Dean of the Art School), began purchasing her work. Jett's work was selling consistently, quite rare for a student, and the professional art world beckoned after only two years. She quickly became a noteworthy presence in the downtown Los Angeles art society, where she has attracted hundreds of loyal fans and collectors.

Jett Jackson's paintings are generated by many historical influences but metamorphosize into products of her own special imagination. They read often simultaneously as surreal, charming, humorous, and poignant. Like an author with a thousand stories to tell, Jett's narratives traverse through a broad spectrum of human experiences and visual possibilities.

Jett comments, "There are so many ideas I want to express, and they aren't all suited to one concentrated vision or treatment. Style is often the subject itself - I get to stretch different muscles evoke
different moods and essentially live the life of several different painters." Collectors have discovered that it is the vitality and range of her work that has been responsible for her ever escalating success. People fall in love with Jett Jackson paintings. Fresh, dynamic, and original her images excite the eye, stimulate the mind, and trigger the heart.

Jett Jackson's work is currently in over 500 collections worldwide and has been shown in over 65 exhibitions in Los Angeles alone. A definite star on the rise, her work has appeared in Art and Antiques, Vanity Fair, Art in America, Art News, Art Business News, The Robb Report, The Los Angeles Times, The Los Angeles Weekly, Decor Magazine and numerous other publications. Her commercial projects include:
billboard designs, children's books, magazine covers, television and motion picture projects. (bio from


We enjoyed having Jett Jackson as a visiting artist